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Wadena Town Council Intensifies Distance Restriction for ILO
Wadena News
August 20, 2003

Anne Sanderson

Wadena town council’s initial plan to double the recommended distance an intensive livestock operation (ILO) could be erected from the outskirts of the community was doubled again during a regular meeting last month.  Wadena town council will notify Lakeview RM that it has decided that, should an ILO locate in the immediate area, it cannot be located any closer than 10 miles (16 km) from the town of Wadena.  This is about five times the standard distance which in the sample bylaw being reviewed by the two parties suggests a distance of 3.2 km for a 5000-sow unit.

The decision followed some discussion where one of the alderman said that he had spoken to one of his relatives in LeRoy who lives seven miles away from a hog barn.  In his report, he stated that the person said that although he does “smell it occasionally”, it is “not much of a problem”.  Council said, however, that different residents may have differing expectations as to how much odor is “not a problem” and therefore chose to opt on the side of safety and increase the recommended distance dramatically.

Although there has been no indication that there has been interest shown in Wadena becoming a location for an ILO, council said that with the increased interest in locating hog barns in the province, Wadena had better be prepared.  Without a governing bylaw, the town or the RM would not have any authority to restrict and govern related developments.  The bylaw will be developed so that it encompasses all types of livestock.

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